Throughout the Southwest and Mexico, salsa and picante sauces abound on restaurant tables, bar counters and in home kitchens. A true staple in Southwestern cuisine, salsa has surpassed ketchup and become the number one selling condiment in the United States

So what is the difference between salsa and picante sauce? There are basically no differences, however the name salsa is the Spanish word for sauce and became popular in California. The word picante sauce was more commonly used in Texas.

SADIE'S has captured the goodness of vine-ripened tomatoes combined with an assortment of fresh chiles, peppers and spices to bring the signature condiment of the Southwest to chips and salsa lovers everywhere.


Sadie and her sister ran a small restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 27 years. Salsa Caliente became their signature item. A simple combination of juicy tomatoes, specially selected jalapenos and garlic salt. Customers raved about the homemade salsa so much, that Sadie and her sister began packaging the salsa for their customers.

SADIE'S salsa is the oldest and best selling salsa in the state of New Mexico. Winner of numerous Blue Ribbons at the New Mexico State Fair. If you like your salsa hot, this is the one you have been looking for. In operation for more than 50 years, SADIE'S restaurant continues to serve it's original salsa while HATCH Chile Company packages the secret recipe for distribution throughout the United States. Now customers don't have to travel to Albuquerque for a taste of SADIE'S Salsa.

Sadie's Salsa


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